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Fashion, Clothing, and Society Essay

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Abolition of clothing

Social structural aspects.

Clothing is used in society to show the outside world who a person is. Sennet (1978(1976):67-8) quoted by Corrigan(Corrigan 2010:163) ‘on the street one stepped into clothes that whose purpose was to make it possible for other people to act as if they knew who you were’. Clothing therefore can show the different classes of society, and who a person is, for example their religion or ethnicity. Peoples clothing is usually a reflection of their personality, they dress in a way to make the rest of the world perceive them in a certain light or how they wish to be perceived. If clothing was abolished there would be a decrease in the individuality of people, all would be perceived in the same way not how they wished. The abolishment of clothing would have an impact on the social structure of.

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. tates that ‘the street theatre of dress has not one audience but many’, suggesting that fashion and clothing are there to be observed by an audience, and if abolished could have serious impacts on society.

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